Learn About Adaptive Cruise Control on the 2018 Dodge Challenger

August 15th, 2017 by


At Rancho Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, lots of people enjoy the muscle cars we have like the 2018 Dodge Challenger and like taking them out for a nice cruise. You can do that cruising too at the speeds you want, and the distances you want thanks to adaptive cruise control as an available feature on the 2018 Dodge Challenger. It's a simple feature to use, and you're going to wonder how you did without it.

When you use standard cruise control, you're turning the system on and the indicator light will appear to let you know it's active. Drive to your desired speed, and then press the set plus or minus button to set the speed and take your foot off the accelerator. You can adjust the speed using the set plus or minus buttons when you need to, or to disengage, press the brakes or cancel. You can hit The "RES" button to resume too.

For adaptive cruise control, those same traditional features apply, but this time, it will maintain the distance you desires, which you can also control with buttons under where your cruise control is on your steering wheel of the 2018 Challenger. This will keep your speed at the distance you want, and will accelerate back up when the vehicle in front has accelerated above your set speed, or has moved out of your lane.

To learn more, feel free to contact us online as we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, and set up a test drive at your convenience.

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